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While the principles of low energy building apply equally for new build and upgrades, the reality is that htting passive levels becomes much trickier when retrofitting. The Passive House Institute have taken this on board and created a retrofit standard that is ambitious but achievable.

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Wednesday, 01 February 2012

Selected project details

Client: Steve O’Leary
Energy consultant: Integrated Energy
Roofing contractor/carpentry: Andrew Griffin
External insulation system: Powerwall
External insulation applicatoe: Paul Cahalan Plastering
Thermal blocks: Quinn Lite
Cavity insulation: Eurobead
Natural insulation: Gutex
Airtightness tapes: Ecological Building Systems /Isover /Siga
Roof lights: Unilux
Windows: Velux
Heat recovery ventilation: Itho
Ssolar: Ecologics

Project overview:

Building type
: 238 square metre detached two storey timber frame house.  Extension of small bungalow to 400m2 detached block built two storey house

: Birr, Co Offaly

Completion date
: September 2011

: pending

Space heating demand (PHPP): 23kWh/m2/yr

Heat load (PHPP)
: 14 W/m2

: pending

: approximately 1.5 air changes per hour when tested two months ago, next test expected to get below 1 air change per hour

Ground floor
: 300mm EPS strip foundation with aerated Quinn Lite concrete blocks on inner leaf up to one block over ground floor and cut for angled window reveals.

Extension walls
: 225mm block cavity wall pumped with EPS platinum beads and robust Vartry Engineering stainless steel wall ties on extension. 0.16 U value W/m2K
Original house walls: pumped 90mm cavity wall bonded bead insulation and externally insulated with 150mm EPS.
U-value: 0.14 W/m2K

Nova black Brazilian slates externally on 50x35 battens/counter battens, followed underneath by breathable roofing underlay, 60mm  Gutex soft board, 9 inch joists fully filled with cellulose insulation, 15mm  taped & sealed OSB, 100 mm insulated service cavity where space allowed, 12.5mm plasterboard ceiling.
U-value: 0.14 W/m2k

: triple-glazed Unilux alu-clad pine with argon filling and PIR thermal break built in to frame. Windows fitted flush with exterior wall on old part of house so EWI forms new reveal to minimise cold bridging.
Overall U-value: 0.78 W/m2K

Heating system
: original 75% efficient grant oil boiler, did not upgrade as heating load was so low. Clearview Pioneer 400 stove 5kw  with back boiler. Zoned radiators with full thermostatic control. 300L hot water tank and 60 evacuated tube solar array

: Itho HRU 4 heat recovery ventilation system

Green materials
: cellulose insulation, Gutex soft board


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