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While the principles of low energy building apply equally for new build and upgrades, the reality is that htting passive levels becomes much trickier when retrofitting. The Passive House Institute have taken this on board and created a retrofit standard that is ambitious but achievable.

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Wednesday, 01 February 2012

Selected project details

Client: Pauline Conway
Architects: Joseph Little Architects
Civil / structural engineers: Malone O'Regan
Energy consultant: Ann-Marie Fallon
Main contractor: Bourke Builders
Quantity surveyors: Walsh Associates
Mechanical contractor: Ollie McPhillips
Airtightness tester: Greenbuild
External insulation: Diffutherm /Parex Lahabra
Roof insulation: Warmcel
Floor insulation: Kingspan Aerobord
Windows and doors: Munster Joinery
Airtightness products: Ecological Building Systems
Solar thermal supplier: Kingspan Renewables
Radiator supplier: Solo
Heat recovery ventilation: Pure Renewable Energy
Rainwater harvesting: Reedbeds Ireland
Water conserving fittings: Sandringham Fittings
GGBS: Ecocem

Project overview:

Building type
: 145.6m2 semi-detached house from 1960. EnerPHit refurbishment with two-storey side and single-storey rear extension

: Monkstown, Co Dublin

Completion date
: November 2011

EnerPHit certification
: pre-submission

Space heating demand (PHPP)
22 kWh/m2/yr

Heat load (PHPP):
10 W/m2 

: test pending – target of 0.6-1.0 ACH

: pending, estimated jump from F to A3 rating

Ground floor
: 300mm Aerobord EPS foundation. U-value: 0.11 W/m2K in extension and existing floor. A unique point thermal load issue at a column was successfully thermally broken with Foamglas blocks

Existing walls
: 50mm insulated tissue backed PIR board, inside 300 mm cavity wall filled at junctions of joists etc for airtightness, with existing render removed and 150mm EPS Parex Lanko insulation and mineral render finish, with brick slip on front elevation.
U-value: 0.12 W/m2K

New timber frame
: open panel construction - 50mm insulated service cavity on taped T3 standard 18mm OSB board, with a 220mm timber frame filled with cellulose with 80mm diffutherm insulation system externally
U-value: 0.13 W/m2K

Main roof
: insulated on joists 350mm blown cellulose
U-value: 0.12 W/m2K

Flat roof
: open panel roof; 50mm insulated service cavity on vapour membrane with 18mm OSB with 250mm joist and cellulose insulation on 25mm woodfibre sheathing board, with 50 mm ventilated air gap on furring pieces for fall with Solitex membrane on double layer of marine plywood and double butyl layer finish. U-value: 0.13 W/m2K

: Munster Joinery Future Proof PassiV certified windows. U-value: 0.85 W/m2K
Heating system: the primary heating involves post-heating the supply air on MVHR, with a modulating gas boiler and three rads (and two towel rads) as back-up heating if required. Domestic hot water met with 250L 100mm factory insulated cylinder, triple coil (for future heat source if needed) and  Kingspan Thermomax solar vacuum tubes supplying separate 300L domestic hot water tank

: Paul Santos 370DC heat recovery ventilation system — Passive House Institute certified to have heat recovery rate of 84% / EN 308 certified efficiency of 92.7%

Green materials: recycled slate to match existing context, cellulose insulation in walls and attic, FSC certified timber frame extension, all timber furniture, kitchen and fit outs from PEFC certified sources, 60-70% GGBS cement


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